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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

If there is more than one of you, references are to each or any of you individually, as well as two or more or all together jointly and whenever we use the word “you” we mean each or any of you individually, as well as two or more or altogether jointly.

Any notice or poceedings (“Notice”) under the Agreement which we send by first class post will be deemed to have been received by the advertiser on the second day after posting, even if it never arrives or is returned undeliverable. Notices will be sent to the property or the address within the United Kingdom most recently notified to us in writing.

The Operator may make enquiries of any person connected to The Advertiser and/or his company with reference agencies and the electoral register. If there is more than one of you the search will create an “association” between you. Information held about you by credit reference agencies may also be linked to records relating to the rest of you. The “association” may be taken into account in any applications for credit or financial services and will remain unless you successfully apply for “disassociation” with agencies.

The Operator will use its best endeavours to produce all publications within a reasonable timescale, however, the Operator will not be liable for extraordinary delays beyond its control, and all payments will still become due and payable as per the Agreement unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Operator.

To the extent that the Customer is or becomes insolvent, ceases trading or the Customer does not or is otherwise unable to distribute the Presentation portfolio, the Operator may (at its sole discretion and only to the extent available) in fulfilling its obligations under this contract, place the advertisement of the Advertiser in a Presentation portfolio of a different customer provided that such replacement customer’s place of business is within a 15 mile radius of the original Customer.


Late Payment Charges

An initial fee of £45 will be applied to any debt of 7 days or older

Interest chargeable after 14 days: 30% per annum

Compensation Entitlement: £40 on debts up to £999.99, £70 on debts of £1000 to £9999.99

Charge for letters sent for debts 14 Days old or more: £25 each

Calls that this refers to?

  • All incoming and outgoing telephone calls to and from Estates and Law Limited’s head office, with the exclusion of telephone calls where payment is taken by the accounts department (recordings will be manually suspended during the call).

Why do we record all calls?

  • It is now best practice to record all calls due to the number of calls conducted. Recording conversations allows the management team to assess ongoing customer satisfaction, provide training and develop staff. It also allows the reviewing of call quality, and to have access to a verbal recording of conversations in the event of a complaint. It ensures employees feel protected in the event of any threatening behaviour, which can be evidenced and acted upon where necessary.

Use of call recordings?

  • Accurate monitoring – As written records only provide partial information. Call recordings help us to better understand customer experience to assist us in identify any improvement areas.
  • Ongoing training – Having the ability to replay calls, allows us to identify any training needs.
  • Disputes and/or complaints – Where information is entered onto an electronic system this becomes the established record, especially if verbal instructions are given by the customer. In the event of a dispute and/or complaint, a call recording (if available), may provide additional information to help us investigate.
  • Employee safety and wellbeing – A recording may become a vital piece of evidence in the event of any threats being made to the organisation or an individual.

How have we informed our customers that we record calls?

  • This privacy notice is published on the website and notice is given in our booking confirmations.
  • Customers who ring Estates and Law Limited are notified by the auto attendant message.

ICO Data Protection

Information about the security of information held in call recordings

  • Our systems are provided by BT and North Supply Ltd, and they have provided assurances regarding the security of the recorded data, for the period it is held.

Can I request a copy of my call recording?

  • Call recordings are deleted periodically. If the recording is available, you can request a copy of your conversation by making a request for access in writing or by filling in our online form. This will be provided to you in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018.